Protect your child from the dangers of the Sun!

Summer is a time of vacation, holydays, and enjoying the beach, but with all the recent climate changes that took place these last couple of years you have to be extremely cautions of the Sun. Baby skin is very sensitive, so when exposing to sunlight there are some things to keep in mind so that there are no dangerous consequences.

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Are you ready for traveling with children?

putovanje s djecom

Summer is here and holyday season is about to start as weel! If this is your first summer vacation with a child, you must have a bunch of questions on how to prepare for such a feat. Don’t worry – we have all the answers!

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How is the breastfeeding pillow properly used?

jastuk za dojenje

The breastfeeding pillow is a great and usefull tool for new mothers, and it has lots of uses, but do you know how to correctly use it for breastfeeding? Learn through our article and also find out all the other uses for our breastfeeding pillow!

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What to buy for a newborn mother? We have a solution!

Motherhood is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful and challenging experience a woman can have. After 9 months of extensive preparations, hard work, labor, delivery and recovery, women often want to celebrate motherhoood by inviting their close ones for a get together. In this next part we bring you a whole list of things you can give to a newlywed mother to help her out.

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7 things you have to buy before your baby arrives

The baby is on it’s way and it is almost here. After nine months of mentally preparing for a newborn, and now you are ready. But, are you ready to make a list of things you must have before it arrives in your home? Here is our list of the real essentials that you just can’t have a baby without.

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Why is the game important for the development of the child?

Playing is a very important aspect of a childs development because it’s the first interaciton that forms it’s personality and help it socialize. Also, a child can mature both physically and mentally, and learn to communicate with it’s surroundings. Thats why playing is a fundamental part of a child’s life and it must not be left out because it can harm it’s social and emotional well-being.

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