Terms and conditions

| Company: HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o.
| Address: Radoslava Cimermana 58D, Zagreb
| IBAN: HR9723600001102636909
| VAT ID: HR48029488065
| Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the number: Zg Tt-17 / 32587-4
| Company’s Registration Number: 081117397

General Conditions

  1. The website contains information about the products sold by HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o. Product data have been downloaded by the manufacturer. The accuracy of the information depends on the manufacturer. In case of deviations from manufacturer specifications, we are enclosed in the accuracy of the information. We will always try to ensure that the information is correct or if an error occurs, they will be corrected as soon as possible in communication with the manufacturer.
  2. HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o. does not assume any liability or guilt for any errors or omissions in the contents of the web site, as well as the accuracy of the published information, or is responsible for the occasional failure of the pages or their parts.
  3. Photos and reviews on this site do not have to match the products that are really available. Some photos may be typical for a particular type of product. If the product to be delivered deviates significantly from the sought products, HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o. will inform the buyer (user) and act upon the agreement of the two parties.
  4. All products offered on this site are covered by the warranty conditions of the manufacturer for a period of 12 to 24 months depending on the item.

Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale define the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering, and returning or claiming goods offered on https://kodnas.hr. The Seller of the products offered in the online store is HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o. and the Buyer of Goods is the visitor of the website who selects at least one product, complete the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller. The goods are ordered by electronic form, via e-mail, phone and message on the official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube store pages. The products are selected from the range of online stores that are organized in categories. By selecting the product, you can check its details, photos and additional features. If you want to buy a product, you can do this by clicking the "Add to Cart" button and it will be immediately found in it. The quantity of the product can be defined in the basket, with the possibility of withdrawing from the purchase. At any time, the basket is visible and available after reviewing the assortment. Upon completion of product selection, you return to shopping cart and select "Go to Payment". The Buyer fills out the form with the basic information needed to complete the purchase, chooses the method of payment, and how the goods are delivered. Upon completion of the purchase, a notification of a successful purchase is sent to your e-mail address. In addition to electronic means, the sale of products from the online shop can be done via e-mail: [email protected], via phone at +385 99 473 8345 and via the official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sales page.

Orders | Delivery

Orders can be made online from 0 to 24h, while other forms of order are received in office hours, i.e., from 08:00 to 16:00 at the specified e-mail address or phone number. Products from our online store are delivered exclusively within the European Union via DPD or GLS courier service depending on availability at a particular location or order quantity. All orders received on working days (Monday to Friday) will be processed immediately and the shipment will be delivered within the deadline indicated on each product. For orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and State Holidays, processing will be made on the first working day after the above mentioned days. Delivery cost will be displayed on your order and account.

Delivery prices via DPD

  • Croatia: 35,00 HRK
  • Zone 1 (Slovenia): 45,00 HRK
  • Zone 2 (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia): 80,00 HRK
  • Zone 3 (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom): 105,00 HRK
  • Zone 4 (Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Romania): 170,00 HRK

Proizvodi kojih više nema na zalihi: If your product is out of stock, we will contact you and arrange for you to cancel the order, partially cancel or wait for the product to be in stock again. We always try to regularly update the online store so that our customers know which products are immediately available and for which there is a certain waiting period.

Terms of Payment

Current payment options are:

  • Virman payment
  • PayPal
  • Card payment:
    - Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (single payment)
    - Mastercard and Visa cards in Zagrebačka banka in up to 12 instalments
    - Visa Card in Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) in up to 6 instalments
    - Maestro Card in Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) in up to 6 instalments

Virman payment: can be executed upon completion of the order by paying according to the invoice that will automatically be generated and sent to your e-mail address. Payment is made by depositing money to our IBAN account: HR9723600001102636909 at Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb, Croatia. All possible bank charges that may arise when transferring the money are borne by the buyer. Prices, terms of payment and action bids are valid only at the time of order and / or payment and may be changed without prior notice. To issue an invoice entitled to a company, it is necessary to leave a note in the recorded fields during the process of ordering.

PayPal payment: PayPal is a faster and safer online payment method. Just enter your e-mail address and password or cell phone number and PIN code to pass the check out before you reach for the wallet.

Card payment:

Visa, Mastercard i Maestro in single payment.

Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) – Visa Inspire and Maestro cards in PBZ bank in up to 6 instalments.

Zagrebačka banka (ZABA) – payment by instalments using MasterCard and Visa cards (ZABA) in up to 12 instalments.

Security of Online Payments

While conducting payments on our web shop you are using CorvusPay – an advanced system for secure acceptance of credit cards on the Internet.

CorvusPay ensures complete privacy of your credit card data from the moment you type them into the CorvusPay payment form. Data required for billing is forwarded encrypted from your web browser to the bank that issued your payment card. Our store never comes into contact with your sensitive payment card data. Similarly, CorvusPay operators cannot access your complete cardholder data. An isolated system core independently transmits and manages sensitive data while at the same time keeping it completely safe.

The form for entering payment data is secured by an SSL transmission cipher of the greatest reliability. All stored data is additionally protected by hi-grade encryption, using hardware devices certified by FIPS 140 2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay fulfills all of the requirements for safe online payment prescribed by the leading credit card brands, operating in compliance to the PCI DSS Level 1 standard – the highest security standard of the payment card industry. Payments made by cards enroled with the 3-D Secure program are further authenticated by the issuing bank, confirming your identity through the use of a token or a password.

All information collected by Corvus Info is considered a banking secret and treated accordingly. The information is used exclusively for the purposes for which they were intended. Your sensitive data is fully secure and it’s privacy is guaranteed by the state of the art safeguard mechanisms. We collect only the data necessary for performing the work in accordance with the demanding prescribed procedures for online payment.

Security controls and operating procedures applied within the CorvusPay infrastructure not only ensure current reliability of CorvusPay but permanently maintain and enhance the security levels of protecting your credit card information by maintaining strict access controls, regular security and in-depth system checks for preventing network vulnerabilities.

Thank you for using CorvusPay!

CorvusPayMasterCard SecureCodeVerified by Visa

Privacy Policy

Statement on the Collection and Use of Personal Data: kodnas.hr is obliged to provide protection of personal data of buyers by collecting only the essential, basic customer information necessary to fulfill our obligations; informing buyers of how their collected data is used, regularly gives customers the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All employees of HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the privacy principles.

Conversion Statement:
All payments will be made in Croatian Kuna. When your credit card is charged, the same amount is converted to your local currency by the valid card exchange card list.

Postage / Shipping

The delivery of all packages is done by the seller quickly and safely. We deliver deliveries using DPD Croatia and GLS services. Delivery price is included in the package price.  Delivery of ordered products to Croatia is done under the conditions described in each product. The Seller starts the process of organizing the delivery of the product after the customer completes the order and purchase of the product. When purchasing goods, you are obliged to check for any damage and immediately communicate them to the delivery worker who delivered the goods or refuse to take over the shipment where there is visible damage to the item. If the delivery problem arises and the package is returned to the sender's address, the Seller agrees to refund the amount paid, with deduction for the delivery costs. The problem of delivery can be the following:

  • the address is non-existent,
  • the address is existing but the recipient doesn’t,
  • the recipient is unavailable and the package can’t be delivered,
  • if the recipient doesn’t want to accept the package.

Goods are insured for loss of delivery and if you do not receive any information or delivery of your package within 7 days of delivery, you must inform us as soon as possible, so that we can take action to find your item or send you a replacement. If you do not pick up the shipment within 7 days, the shipment will be returned to the Seller.

Information about the orderer / receiver

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of all customer / recipient information. The data must be complete and credible. If any problems or ambiguities arise, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or via post to: HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o., Radoslava Cimermana 58D, Zagreb.

Privacy Statement

The Seller is committed to providing personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic customer information required to fulfill our obligations; informing buyers of how their collected data is used, regularly gives customers the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

You can read more about the Privacy Policy here.

Return / Complaints

  1. The customer has the right to waive the order at any time prior to receiving the package with the ordered products. If the Buyer wants to cancel the order after the shipment has been dispatched to the delivery service, the Buyer has the right to refuse the delivered package at no extra cost.
  2. If the contents of the shipment do not correspond to the order, the Buyer may return the Shipment and the Seller will send the correct product without the additional cost of the postage.
  3. Complaints about the mechanical damage within the package must be reported to the Seller within 5 business days after receiving the package. We do not acknowledge subsequent claims for damages!
  4. We do refund gift packs!
  5. From the right of return, products with visible signs of use or packaging can be excluded, which cannot be returned to the original state after opening.
  6. The Products returned by the Buyer to the Seller must be unused, in the original packaging, with all the relevant parts, undamaged and completely correct with the attached invoice delivered by the Seller. With returned products, the Buyer must enclose the number of the bank account on which the refund will be made.
  7. The same amount of products supplied in the set (e.g. set of bibs) must be returned in the set. The Seller is not obliged to receive a shipment, only shipments shipped by DPD and GLS, and shipment that does not carry additional costs (mail or mail order). Shipments made by HP express will not be accepted by the Seller.
  8. If the customer receives a package and the product is defective / damaged, he / she is obliged to notify the problem within 5 working days and if he or she wants to replace the received shipment, the seller will make a replacement at DPD or GLS courier service at his own expense. Complaints after this deadline will not be admitted.
  9. All other cases are solved in the reclamation process, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the Mandatory Obligations Act.
  10. The customer is obliged to notify the Seller in writing or by email to the following address: [email protected] or in writing to: Radoslava Cimermana 58D, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.
  11. The buyer may return the advertised products or products for which he / she has the right to refund via DPD or GLS delivery service at the seller's expense (solely for cargo packages weighing up to 20 kg). The cost of delivery for returning goods in case of termination of the contract concluded by distance via another delivery service is borne by the customer (valid for packages of less than 20 kg).


    You can terminate the contract unilaterally within 14 days without giving reasons.

    In order to be able to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, you must notify us of your decision to terminate the contract unilaterally before the expiration of the deadline and by providing an unequivocal statement by post, fax or e-mail, indicating your first and last name, address, fax or e-mail address, and you can also use the enclosed example of a one-sided contract termination form.

     The Deadline for Termination of the Contract

    The deadline for one-sided contract termination is 14 days from the date on which you or a third person you have designated, and who is not a carrier, have received the goods that are the subject of the contract.

    Return of the Paid Amount

    If you unilaterally terminate this Agreement, we will refund the money we received from you, including delivery charges, without delay, and within 14 days from the day we received your decision to unilaterally terminate your contract, unless you have selected another delivery type which is not the cheapest standard delivery we have offered.

    Refunds will be made in the same way that you made your payment. In case you agree to the other way of receiving the refund, you do not incur any costs of the return.

    Refunds can only be made after the goods are returned to us or after you provide proof that you have returned the goods back to us.

    Return of Goods

    Return to or hand to us the goods (HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o., Radoslava Cimermana 58D, 10 000 Zagreb) without unnecessary delay, and in any case not later than 14 days from the day you have sent us your decision to terminate the contract unilaterally.

    It is considered that you have fulfilled your obligation on time if you send or deliver the goods to us before the expiry of the above deadline.

    Costs of Goods Return

    You must bear the direct costs of returning the goods yourself.

    You can electronically fill out and send a copy of the one-sided contract termination form our website.

    Confirmation of receipt of a notice of unilateral termination of contract will be sent to you, without delay, by electronic mail.

    Form for a one-sided termination of the contract

    By special regulation of the European Union, as of 15 February 2016 throughout the EU, online purchase disputes will be possible through the ODR platform that you can acces here. This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU, you can submit your objection in a quicker and simpler way at the top link. The platform can also be used by traders and consumers, and the complaint can be filed in any of the 23 official EU languages.

Objections and Complaints

  1. In accordance with Art. 10 ZZP, the Seller shall allow all Buyers to send their written objections to the following e-mail address: [email protected] or in writing to: HUH-INŽENJERING d.o.o., Radoslava Cimermana 58D, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
  2. All remarks and objections by Seller will be answered within 14 days by e-mail.

By registering on our website and by subscribing to our user / customer base, you accept these terms of use.